Stephen Leslie


Sir Leslie Stephen was a famous Victorian journalist, mountaineer and the father of Virginia Woolf. My name is Stephen Leslie and I am none of these things, although I do occasionally get misdirected mail for the great man. I am a film director, screenwriter and photographer from London.

About 20 years ago I started to take photographs with a small point and shoot camera. What began as a simple way to keep visually alert in between directing jobs soon morphed in to a daily diary of images and eventually became an obsession I've been struggling to contain ever since. Now I can't physically leave the house without at least one camera and have a vast back catalog of photographs. This web-site is an attempt to bring some order to that back catalog. 

All of the photographs here are available as limited edition signed prints. Everything is shot on film (both 35mm and 120). If you're interested then please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

I have literally thousands of other images on my flickr page - all of which can also be printed. Why not also take a look over there? 

I'm also on Instagram as @step_hen_les_lie 

Some links to press and interviews: 

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